Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 42 - Exchanges!

Dear Family,
Mom, I am so excited to read the Family Newsletter!  am trying to remember sho Hanashiro shimai is... I don't think I have ever heard that name before - I might now her face though! It sounds like you had a much more eventful Fourth of July than we did over here! The most festive thing I did was go to Eikaiwa and speak English with little kids for an hour an a half - it was so fun! We were on splits in Atsubetsu so I got to see a lot of people from when I served there. We went on two exchanges this week, one in Eniwa and one in Atsubetsu - exchanges are so much fun! In Eniwa I got to have a lesson in English with an American lady who is getting her PHD in history and has a lot of interest in reading the Book of Mormon. At the end of the split as we were getting on the train on our way to the next area we met a lady and were able to exchange information with her - she lives in Sapporo and just happened to be in Eniwa for a class. We met another lady later this week named Tanaka san - we were able to do basically the whole restoration lesson on the street, and exchange numbers. She had so many questions - she was a really classy lady, really bright and put together, and involved in a lot of activities and organizations and things. I don't know, but she reminded me a lot of Becky with the way she looked and her personality and everything. Chotto Natsukashikatta :)
One of my favorite parts of this week though was going to church! I am going to Moiwa ward now - probably the largest ward I have been in so far, with about 100 people. I was just SO impressed with them! First the ward correlation meeting was the most effective meeting I have ever seen. We, the missionaries usually report in person or on the phone on Saturday Night to the ward mission leader, and then on Sunday morning at 9:00 am the missionaries and the ward missionaries have a meeting. He handed out a sheet to everyone at the meeting with investigators and/or less actives that had commitments to come to church, then any planned lessons that the missionaries had this week, and then any upcoming events that the ward had. It was so easy to coordinate with the ward, and get everyone on the same page about the progress of investigators and members, and I just felt so unified and supported by the ward. It was amazing! It was really neat in Sacrament meeting too - it was fast sunday - and while the counselor in the bishopric was giving the first testimony there were a good 10 people that came up and sat on the stand to wait to bear their testimonies - it was the neatest thing! I am so excited to work in this ward - their dendo fire is high, and I feel that we will be able to see so many miracles together.
I love being a missionary. I know that there are so many miracles, so many people waiting to hear this message. I know that Christ lives, and that he knows each and everyone of his children, and exactly what they need - just like the story in your letter mom. I love my Heavenly Father, and I am so grateful for al he has given me.
I love you so much! Thank you for all of your love and support!

Sister Budge

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