Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 41 - New Transfer!! and Happy July!

Dear Family, 

It has been a really fun week! It was a little crazy with transfers, and becoming Sister Trainer Leader and everything, but I love my new companion Sister Honda, and I am still in the same apartment as Sister Osterloh so it is a lot of fun. It is going to be a really interesting transfer - we have 26 sister missionaries, and there are still only two STLs, which means that we get to go on two exchanges every week, to every sister area in the mission. We already did one with the sisters in our apartment yesterday, and have two more scheduled this week - and I guess every week after that too! We will basically only be at our apartment for half of the week, which is going to be interesting to schedule and follow up with our investigators and finding in our own area - but I have confidence that we are being blessed to be able to use the time we do have here as effectively as possible. Even though we are technically white washing this area (because both sister trainer leaders went home last transfer) we have been able to make contact and meet with every investigator that they had been working with, and for the most part they are all going in really good directions. 

It has been interesting though - we still haven't had any training besides about an hour with the last sister trainer leaders where they passed us all the necessary papers and things. We are meeting with President Evans and Sister Evans on Wednesday to get more direction and coordinate a little more - I will let you know Mom how it goes - and I would love to hear any advice that you or Dad have too! We set some transfer goals, and our main goal is basically to be exactly obedient, and show the Sisters the joy and miracle of missionary work. I don't feel qualified at all to try and train all the other sisters - but I know I can love them! I love something that my district leader said last week in his testimony. He said that this transfer he had been praying to know how to show his weaknesses to people around him. Knowing that you have weak points, and trying to make excuses for them is not the way. What he came to realize is that the best way to show our weaknesses is by example. Do your best - know you will fail occasionally, and then don't make excuses, but show an example of how to work to improve the weaknesses you have. Showing an example of change is far more important than showing a perfect example. I liked that a lot. 

It was so great to hear from all of you - and fun to hear a family report from Grandma Budge - it sounds like the family reunion will be a blast! Can't wait to see pictures! :) Mom, I love what you said about being grateful for the things you have which are hard to say goodbye to. It is so true. 

I love you all so much! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I know this gospel is true, and I have a testimony that a testimony is gained in the sharing of it. I am so grateful for this gospel!


Sister Budge

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