Monday, July 22, 2013


Dear Family!
And Especially Today to my Father, the greatest Dad in the world!
Well yesterday, as you all may be aware was Father's Day! We decided that since father's day only comes once a year we wanted to focus on dendo on Fathers - not something we do very often as Sister Missionaries - but it was a wonderful day! We learned how to make really cute cookies from an investigator this week, and in our meal times this week we made cookies for all the fathers in the ward. Then after church we vistied as many investigators and non active members in the area that we could and gave the Fathers cookies, and sang "Love at Home" for them. One family in particular, the Date family the wife is non active member and the husband is not a member - but we were able to talk all together and when Date shimai said the closing prayer she gave thanks for the opportunity to express her thanks and love to her husband - not something that gets said very often in words in Japanese culture. It was really neat to feel the spirit there as they talked about how they met, and were able to, in just a very simple way, express their love for each other by talking to us. The husband commited to come to Eikaiwa this week, and Sister Date commited to come to church next week at the end of the lesson too!
The gospel is all about love. When we show love to each other, we get love in return, and that is how we draw closer to God, who loves us more perfectly than we can understand.
I was thinking about writing a personal email to you Dad for Father's Day, but I decided that there is no reason that everyone shouldn't know how wonderful of a Father you are! So I will write it now :) YOU are WONDERFUL! I can't even begin to explain all the ways that your example and your constant love has led and guided me throughout my life. Thank you for always being faithful and true, and for encouraging me to be the same. Thank you for  your humour and positive outlook - for always seeing the bright side, or making it bright when things are not as good. Thank you for always working so hard, and always on the behalf of other people - our family, the church, and anyone that you see that needs help. Thank you for your patience, kindness, love, temperance, enthusiasm, guidance, and for being everything that a Father should, or could be. I don't get to call you on Father's Day, but hoepfully you can know through this email how much I love you!
It sounds like you had a great Father's Day with all of your 4 grandchildren - more a Grandfather's Day かな?:) Just another testimony of how grand you are :)
The rest of this week just seemed to fly by! We saw a lot of miracles - found a new investigator that I am really excited about - and we got to go on splits with our Sister Training Leaders/roommates - and I got to go with my trainer, Sister Kise! It was very natsukashi :). Splits are a great way to really boost dendo fire and rekindle my everlasting desire to be better!
Spiritual thought for the week:
Jeffrey R. Holland's talk, "Lord, I Believe". I read it again this morning, and loved it again! Just because a flower when it is growing and just looks like grass or green at the beginning - no sign of color or shape of a flower doesn't mean that that potential to grow a flower is not inside of it somewhere. It is the same with us and with our fatih. Even if you can't see any visible signs right now of growth or results - that doesn't mean that that potential is not still within us somewhere. Never give up! Just keep pushing on!
I love you all so much! You are the greatest family in the world! I will be keeping you all in my prayers especially this week with missionary transfers, and family transfers too!
Have a great week!!

Sister Budge
 Just thought you might like to see this - Sister Evans always makes sure to take lots of pictures when we all get together :) 

Sister Training Meeting!


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