Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 38 - Hello!


How are you all? It sounds like you are busy as ever, and yet staying on top of it all somehow. That was such a neat story about the driver's licenses! That is such a blessing that you don't have to deal with that! I defintely have felt the same way, that the Lord does watch out for his missionaries - he keeps us safe and gives us strength. For example, yesterday was a fast sunday, and it was  a really hot day and we have to ride our bikes for a good 30-40 minutes to get to church, and we were out streeting and housing, and meeting with investigators until around 6:45. By the time we made dinner and were able to break our fast it was 8:00. But even though we had been biking all day in the hot sun, and hadn't eaten a thing, we felt the same as we always do at dinner time - there was never a time when I felt really really hungry, or dehydrated or anything! We really felt that was a miracle yesterday. 

This week we have been seeing a lot of miracles! We have met people from all over the place, Washington DC, New York, Poland, and Japan of course :) that are all living here long term, and willing to meet with us again! We are starting to get a very international group up here. It was really fun to do a contact in English, and be able to talk about the restoration with someone with a Christian background. We have appointments with most of them this week - I will let you know how they go! 

I haven't sent pictures home in a long time, so I wanted to make sure and do that today - I hope you enjoy them! But in exchange my writing time has come up short, so the letter will be a little short this week. But in closing I just want to bear my testimony that when we put forth our best effort the Lord blesses us with success. I know that there are miracles that happen every single day that we are doing what we should - some are big and some are little - but every one is a miracle - and really there is nothing small about that at all! 

The gospel is true! 

I love you all!!


Sister Budge

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