Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 45 - Hello!!

Dear Family, 

Hello!! This week has been so good! We were able to visit a lot with members in the ward, and we are really starting to feel a close connection with the members. We really wanted to focus on the members and show them a lot of love. We heart attacked a few people, and just visited with as many people as we could. Moiwa ward is GREAT! They have such great dendo fire, and you can just feel the strength of their testimonies and their love for each other when you go to the ward. 

We had two exchanges this week, but they were both pretty close to our area, so we were actually able to have at least one of us working in our area every day this week! That may have been the first time this transfer that has happened. 
To answer some of your questions mom, about being Sister Training Leader, Yes there are still only two of us - everyone else needs to be a trainer! We have 11 new sisters coming this transfer bringing us to 37 total, of which 19 will be still in their first two transfers, or training. Yes, we went to all of the zone conferences, and just did a small workshop inside of the APs workshop about building a relationship of trust with the members. We also did a small meeting with Sister Evans and just the sisters where Sister Evans did some sister announcements and we had some time to say anything we wanted to as well - we just talked about the importance of exercise and eating healthily, and then we had a question and answer session with just the sisters there. Thats really about all we have done with Sister Evans so far, but one thing that she is doing that I think is really neat, is that she is making an effort to go on splits with a pair of sisters every week - with the ones that are reasonably close that is :) I don't know if that is something that is feasible in Tokyo or not, but it is always a really good experience it sounds like. I think we are working with her next transfer. 

Also for bags, I was using a backpack for a while, but then I guess that is not so good apparently, so now I am using a purse - it looks better probably, but it really doesn't hold up too well with all the scriptures and kind of heavy things that you have to carry around - so I don't know. Backpacks are definitely more comfortable, and hold up better, but purses do look better. Some sisters have the ones that have waist straps - those are probably the best. 
I did get the music too- I am so excited to use it! This transfer ended up being too late to try - hopefully I'll be able to next transfer! 

We are excited to see how things turn out this transfer with all the new missionaries coming - hopefully me and my companion Sister Honda wont have any changes... we'll see though. I know that this work is guided by the Lord - it has been such blessing to see the work going on in all different parts of the mission, and know that no matter where they are they are being guided by the spirit. 

I love this gospel. I love this work! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Sister Budge

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