Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 51 - A Week Full of Miracles

Dearest Family!!

Hello! I heard that Danny got a day off of school for rain today - I think it is coming up here too! Its been raining at least a bit everyday up here - this morning for exercise the four of us went to a near by park and played in the rain - Its fun when you can come back in and shower right after :) 

This week has been a really fun week - so many of our investigators are starting to really progress, and turn to a really good direction - I am so excited for them! We have one Russian investigator, Irina san that for the longest time has refused to pray, and has told us countless times that her heart is hard as stone - but recently we have started going with a member, and had her over to a Family Home Evening at another members house - and last time we went over she said that her heart is half softened - and she agreed to come to church week after next, AND she PRAYED at the end of the lesson! She wouldn't say "Dear Heavenly Father", but she said what she was grateful for, and said Amen at the end - the first time I have ever heard her say that - oh my goodness I was SOOOO Happy! I had almost given up hope on her, but I have a lot of hope now! 

Another investigator, Oi san has been our investigator for a couple months now, but she is recovering from some anxiety problems, and up until now we have only ever been able to go without appointments - but we have gone every week, and we leave her letters everyweek with scriptures and a message because she doesn't feel comfortable taking a Book of Mormon - but recently she has been bringing back out the letters all marked up with questions and things she wants to know more about, and she is praying on her own! We usually go on the weekends, but this week we just had a really full schedule and it was iffy if we were going to be able to go on Sunday afternoonor not. But then at church we got a call from an unknown number - and it was Oi san! She was calling to let us know that she was going to be out that day, so she just wanted to make sure that we weren't planning on coming by that day so she wouldn't miss us! We were SO happy- she seems to be really looking forward to our visits every week - and for the first time we were able to make an appointment to come back today! 

There are so many miracles that happen everyday - ones that we see and ones that go on in the lives of our investigators that we never know are happening until we go and follow up with them. Following up is possibly one of the most important principles of missionary work I think. I know this gospel is true! It really is such an amazing gift that we have!! I feel so blessed to have this time to study and learn about the gospel. 

I love you all so much! It sounds like transfers are going to be pretty crazy this week - good luck! We'll see how things turn out up here too - with so many missionaries now it is almost impossible to guess at all. Of course I will do whatever the Lord wants to me to do - but I do not want to transfer!! We'll see how far that hope carries me! 

Love you so much!!


Sister Budge

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