Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 50 - Sushi, How Great Thou Art, and our Investigators at Church!

Dear Family, 

This week was so much fun! We were blessed to be able to have a lot of different lessons, and work a lot with the members. And partly because of the duet that we sang in sacrament meeting this week, we had 5 investigators come to church!! Oh my goodness, I was SO happy! I was happiest about our investigator Watanabe Megumi san and her two daughters who got to stay for Young Womens  and Primary - They seemed to really enjoy it! We didn't think they were going to be able to come because it was Manami chan (the oldest daughter)'s birthday, and they were going to be busy with that. So accepting that, we just planned on dropping by and leaving her a birthday cake and message on the doorstep before church and leaving it at that, but they ended up coming! I am so excited about their family - they are starting to do things with other members of the ward, almost without any connection to us, and she even brought a friend to an activity with her the other week! We plan on making a new baptismal date with her this week, because she won't be able to come to church enough times before the current date.Pray for us!
The Moiwa ward building is going under construction starting today for the next three months, so we took a picture with everyone in front of the building as one last memory of the building as it is now. I think this is the oldest church building in Hokkaido - it will be fun to see what the new one looks like! Hopefully I will still be here to see it! :) 

We got to go out to sushi this week with Sister Hayashi (who actually served in Shibuya when Dad was a bishop there), and Watanabe Megumi san - it was delicious, and we had a really good lesson about the Book of Mormon as well. As we were walking home afterwards we stopped and contacted a girl, and gave her a Book of Mormon, and got to be pretty good friends - when we told her that we had just gone to sushi, she said that she loves sushi, and so we made a plan to go to sushi with her today! Then last night we got a call from an investigator that wants to have us over for a Takoyaki party tonight - we have been wanting to meet with her for a while so we couldn't turn her down - we are just going to have to eat dinner twice! But if it means that we can meet with our investigators than we will just have to endure :) 

Recently I have been reading in Mosiah. I have always loved Mosiah, but reading it again has reminded me again how much I love it. I especially liked chapter 3 this time - it explains so simply about Christ and prophets. I especially love verse 13 - that talks about the joy of repentance and of the gospel. 

Thank you all for your love and support, and your emails everyweek! I love this work, I love each and every one of you so much! 

Have a fabulous week!


Sister Budge

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