Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week 20 - And Now For Some Words :)

Well, hopefully you are able to see all of the pictures that i sent - they are not necessarily in chronological order - but I will try to give a brief explanation of what they are :
1. Christmas Morning!! Thank you so much for all the presents!!
2. All of my companions thus far! (left to right, Kise Shimai (trainer), Sister Northrop (now), Me, Sister Crofts (she hasn't been my companion yet actually), Sister Seto (third transfer companion), and Sister Nanjo (now). They are a fantastic bunch!
3. My first Okonomiyaki! Oishikata.
4. Mochitsuki at the Ward New Years Party -  I wasn't very good at it ... :)
5. Kusume Kaicho and my companions
6. Seijinshiki! Coming of Age Day in Japan where all the 20 year olds dress up in kimonos and attend a coming of age ceremony - I didn't realize how many twenty year olds there are around here! I felt very plain in my poofy snow jacket, but they were nice enough to take a picture with us :)
7. My first sushi on my mission - it was actually pretty good! This was an avacado salmon one :)
8. The first sunrise of the new year from our Obihiro apartment
9. Sister Evans and Sister Evans the second!
There are just a few for now - hope you enjoy them!
This week has been super fun! We are working with a lot of kids now, not only with the kids eikaiwa class, but our investigators as well! I LOVE kids! They are super fun! We always have to think of creative ways to teach to keep their attention long enough to teach them - its been a blast! I'm starting to get a new view for Mosiah 3:19 that tells us to become as a little child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, and full of love - the world would really be so great if everyone could become just a little more like a child. A few of my favorite moments this week - Miyu chan, she is 10 years old and loves to read. We gave her a Book of Mormon this week, and when we showed her the picture of Christ she started telling us all about Him! I guess she borrowed a book about Christ from the library once and she remembered the whole thing! The Christmas story, baptism, a lot of his miracles - we were shocked! She is super excited to read the Book of Mormon now. Another favorite moment was when we were teaching Chizuru chan with her mom. We taught them the message of the restoration, and at the end we asked Chizuru chan and her mom if, after they met with us more and knew for themselves that this message was true, if they would be baptized. Immediately Chizuru chan started nodding her head yes, and when she saw that her mom wasn't saying yes right away she reached up and starting nodding her head for her! Her mom doesn't have interest in joining any religion, but she is very supportive of her daughter listening to the lessons, and she even said that she would support her if she decided that she really wanted to be baptized!
One more super cute kid story this week is from Eikaiwa - there were only two kids in the class this week - sisters 4 and 1 years old. They are both suprisingly good at English - we learned food this week and used flashcards of lots of different kinds of food to learn vocab. It was SO cute - the one year old was saying words like apple and banana, and even ice cream!! She can hardly even speak Japanese yet, and she knows apple, banana, and even most of the ABCs! She is too cute. I love kids!
It has been a fun week. The snow hasn't been too bad - it snows everyday, but its not too cold. I had to laugh about the four inches of snow causing so much havoc in Tokyo - I can't believe the bus took 7 hours to get home! I guess without snow tires it would be a little more difficult. Its just funny because I haven't seen the gravel on the roads here since November probably - I don't know if the snow will ever melt! 
 Oh, and I got the package yesterday - Mom thank you so much for sending it! Jeremy and Lizzi thank you so much for bringing my stuff, and Janna and Phil thank you so much for the CD and the pocket knife! Its super cute, and I am SO excited to listen to voice male!
Thank you for your letters every week! I always love reading about your week, and writing down all the scriptures you suggest to look up in personal study tomorrow. One story that I loved this week was the story of the Jaredites in Ether 6:4-13. Prepare. Trust in the Lord. Sing praises and give thanks during your trials, pray and give thanks when its over, and work hard. God watches over his children!
I love you all and I love this work!
Sister Budge


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