Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 22 - Happy February!

Well it is officially February this week - which everyone has said is the coldest month of the year here in Hokkaido - but so far it has been the warmest its been in a long time! One thing I have learned about the weather here is that no matter what weather it is it is "unusual". I don:t think I have ever talked to anyone about the weather without them commenting on the rarity of the situation. Either there is no normal in Hokkaido, or this truly is an unusual year! We even started to see most of the roads and some of the sidewalks again this week - haven:t seen that in months! But it just started snowing again about an hour ago, so maybe they'll cover back up again. The craziest thing that happened this week was an earthquake we had on Saturday night - it was about 11 at night so we were all in bed- I was just starting to fall asleep when all the sudden the cell phone starts going off like a fire alarm! I guess all the cell phones here have earthquake alerts - if the earthquake is over a certain magnitude everyones cellphones go off - I think that alarm was the scariest part of the whole thing! Its not the first earthquake I:ve had here, but its the first time I've heard that alarm. It lasted probably a good minute. It was pretty long. But there were no negative effects as far as I know, so no worries ;) Just shaking things up a little bit!
This week one of our investigators that we have been teaching pretty solidly once or twice a week this whole transfer came to church for the first time on Sunday! I was SO happy that he came! We actually ran into him randomly when we were shopping today as well, and followed up with him about it - he said it was totally different than what he had imagined - in a good way! I think he is starting to be a little more open to the message. I am excited to meet with him again. Hope it all goes well!
Sorry this letter is going to be super short today - we have an appointment tonight with the Nakandakari family - an investigator family - they are so great! But it was Nanjo shimais birthday last week, and the Dad and sons birthday as well this week so they are having us and the elders over for a birthday party tonight - so we have to leave pretty soon. Gomennasai!
Janna, Otsukaresama desu!! I was pretty excited to see a picture of your little baby boy this week - hopefully by next week huh? Hang in there! By the way an elder in my district introduced me to a scripture this week that I thought you might like - totally unrelated to the baby but still... the first three words of Phillipians 3:2. :) So mom are you in Singapore already or are you waiting to go until you know for sure he is going to come?
I love you all! Favorite scripture of the week 1John 4:8-11.
Sorry its so short - till next week!
Sister Budge

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