Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 31 - Transferred to ODORI!!!!


Yes, I transferred this week from Atsubetsu to Odori!! Odori is a unique area in that we can go anywhere we want as long as it is within the Sapporo city limits. It is a HUGE area, and I am so excited to work here! It is a four person apartment - each companionship has a focus ward, but we can all go anywhere. Interestingly, my trainer Sister Kise is one of the sisters in the other companionship so we are back in the same apartment! She has Sister Peterson, a Canadian sister as her companion, and my new companion is Sister Tokeshi from Okinawa. She is a really hard worker and has such a powerful testimony - I am so excited to work with her!!

This week has been super busy with transfers and exchanges and everything, but we are slowly getting settled in a little bit. On Saturday we were able to do some Dendo around the Toyohira church (where I will be focusing, and where the Ward Mission Leader is actually a return missionary from Tokyo - Brother Matsuhashi - he said he served in Shibuya when Dad was a bishop there - small world! ) We did a new type of dendo - we started by visiting a lessacitve member, and then after we talked with her for a while we left to go house around her area. Before we left we asked her to pray for us to be able to meet people that would talk to us. In the next hour or so we found 5 people that we were able to either make an appointment with, give a Book of Mormon to, or people that said they would be willing to meet with us again sometime. At the end we went back to the members house and reported to her our work in the last hour and thank her for her prayer. It was so neat! It really strengthened my testimony of the power of the members, and I think it really helped her feel excited about missionary work too - one of the people we found actually turned out to be someone she knows! It was the first time either one of us had dendoed that way, but we want to do that a lot more!

I'm sorry this email is so short this week - from now on I will be emailing at the honbu which means that there are a billion people around waiting to email after me, so the emails might be a little shorter than usual from here on out - I will do my best to write good emails still!

I love you all so much, and I love this gospel!! There really is no happier work in the world!!


Sister Budge

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