Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 34 - Hello!! :D


How is everyone? You all sound very genki - I'm glad to hear it! First of all I would like to get some Birthdays and Anniversary congratulations out there for the month of April - Happy Birthday Phil, Karlee, and Becky!! David and Karlee Happy Anniversary! I actually realized last week on your actual anniversary that it was your anniversary  - but I always seem to forget the things I wanted to say the most when I come to email so I failed to tell you congratulations last week - gomennasai! I heard you got a pretty fun present too!! I can't wait to see some pictures! :) 

Well there hasn't been too many exciting events this week - we are doing a lot of finding right now because we don't have  a lot of investigators that we are consistently meeting with right now. They are all really busy and can only meet every other week or sometimes even less so we are working hard to find some new people to teach. This week we focused a lot on members - in one day we visited about 8 members homes to share a quick message and build our relationship with the members in the ward. Toyohira ward is where I am focusing right now - they are such a great ward! Its a pretty small ward but they are really loving and welcoming. It is probably one of the most open wards I have ever been too - they are all great of course though. 
We invited the Kato's to a ward FHE activity this week, but they ended up not being able to come because of his work - which was a bummer! We plan on going to visit again sometime soon though :)
We got to see a baptism this last Sunday - the elder's investigator, Brother Fukuda. He met the missionaries 8 years ago, and then heard the lessons but didn't get baptized for some reason - then about two weeks ago the Elders got a referral from a member saying that they have a friend that wants to be baptized! They met, and he was so ready to be baptized - it was so neat to meet him - he just shone with the light of the gospel. We have been blessed to be able to attend baptismal services for two weeks in a row now - it brings the spirit so much! It is the best! 

That is so neat that you got to meet Brother Otahara!! or I guess he is Elder Otahara now! He is an amazing person - full of missionary fire and the spirit and has so much love to give to everyone around him. I was so excited, and not really surprised at all to hear that he became an Area Seventy! The Otaharas are a great family. 

Scripture Suggestion for the Week: 

D&C 98:1-3. A member shared this with us this week - and I came to love it!

I know this gospel is true! I know that there is no greater truth, and no greater hope that can be found than the peace and love of Jesus Christ and his gospel. We are so blessed to have it!

I love you all so much, and am so grateful everyday for my beloved family that I know I can be with forever! You are truly each an inspiration and example to me. Thank you so much!!


Sister Budge

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